Crimean Tatar activist, involved in the so-called case of "Crimean saboteurs" Redvan Suleymanov, who was convicted by the occupation authorities of the Crimea, was released, according to the report on the CrimeaSOS website.

Suleymanov served time in a Russian colony in the Kirov region.

Redvan Suleymanov involved in the case of the so-called Crimean saboteurs was sentenced to 1 year and 8 months of imprisonment. Suleimanov admitted his guilt, but he categorically disagreed with the millions of fines demanded by representatives of the infrastructure facilities of the Crimea.

Reference: on August 10, 2016, the Russian FSB announced the prevention of "terrorist acts" allegedly prepared by the Chief Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in the occupied Crimea and the elimination of some kind of an agent network on the peninsula. The first detainees in the case of sabotage were Evheny Panov, named the leader of the group, and Andrei Zakhtey - allegedly his accomplice.

Later the Russian media spread information about the detention of the third "saboteur" Redvan Suleymanov, who was allegedly recruited as an "agent of Ukrainian intelligence". He was accused of contacting the police of the Crimea with a person from the mainland Ukraine who reported on the mining of several strategic facilities on the peninsula. As a result of this message, Russia, including the FSB, allegedly suffered damage amounting to five million rubles.