The security forces detained the Crimean Tatar Resul Velilyaev and transferred him to Moscow for allegedly discovered expired products in his shop "Guzel", where they had previously conducted searches, the Crimean Tatar poetess and journalist Lilya Budzhurova reported on Facebook.

"They sent him to Lefortovo, tearing out of the hands of some provincial small Themiskin’s and bringing him to the highest and far-sighted, despite the blindfold, to the Mother Themis first-throned! For what? You will not believe it! For expired products found (allegedly) in the store belonging to him. And this kind of misdeed, (if it indeed took place?) can be observed in every supermarket and every semi-basement deli, even a dime a dozen, but now it is in the competence of only the Moscow court!” She wrote.

Budzhurova further noted, that the court did not wait for examination of products and has chosen a preventive measure to the owner of shop in the form of arrest for 2 months.

“I do not know, to be honest, how this can all be explained to a healthy head. Versions in the people a little. The first: this is another action of intimidation of the Crimean Tatars. Like, do not relax, do not console yourself with a cowardly thought that "there is nothing to arrest me for" - we'll get to everyone, no religion, no good deeds, no good reputation will save you. The second version: Velilyaevs family business is quite a honey pie, and some very small, but pretty for Moscow Crimean princes found it tasty. Third: The white-stone capital does not like, that some local representatives of seditious nationality, instead of being satisfied with what was intended from above, namely, frying chebureks and offering shish kebabs to the people, are imagining themselves philanthropists and businessmen, and wear not ragged cloth with a belt of spiritual ties, but the lacquered shoes.”

Earlier, the Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov said that businessmen Resul Velilyaev and Ali Bariev detained by the Russian invaders in Bilohirsk, were taken away from the Crimea.

QHA reported that Resul Velilyaev had been interrogated by law enforcement officers for more than three hours.

Reference: on April 26 in the occupied Crimea in Bilohirsk, security officials came with searches in the network of shops "Guzel" and the firm "KrymOpt." They also searched the houses of Velilyaev family members - Remzi, Resul, Ekrem, Zera and Rustem. Velilyaevs are businessmen known in the Crimea, patrons and founders of the Bekir Çoban-zade Charitable Foundation. The security officials also came to search the houses of Ali and Asan Bariev.  

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called searches in Crimea discrimination of the Crimean Tatars. The statement of the speaker of the ministry Mariana Betsa said that official Kyiv will transfer the evidence of the crimes committed by the Russian Federation to the international courts.