Concert in the memory of Idris Asanin, a writer, publicist, veteran of the Crimean Tatar national movement and a public figure, was held December 22 in the city of Simferopol at the Republican Crimean Tatar Library n. a. after Gasprinsky.

The event, which has become a tradition, was attended by writer’s family, colleagues, associates, as well as students of Simferopol schools.

Lemara Seyfullaeva, Idris Asanin’s wife, was also present at the event. In 2009 she handed over to the library a family archive consisting of more than 200 documents.

The Library Director Gulnara Yagyaeva once again thanked Lemar Seyfullaeva for these precious materials.

Those gathered read dua (prayer) in the memory of the writer.

Aishe Seitmuratova, a veteran of the Crimean Tatar national movement, Beye Ilyasov, a member of the "Maarifchi" Association of the Crimean Tatar educational workers and Eldar Seitbekirov, the chief editor of the "Voice of Crimea" newspaper, shared their memories about the outstanding writer.

- Idris Asanin is a poet, writer and historian. I was lucky to be shoulder to shoulder with him during his last twenty years, work with him, listen to his instructions, participate in activities he organized, said Eldar Seitbekirov.

He also said Idris Asanin made a great work creating a multi-volume publication entitled "At the forefront of the struggle for justice". The latter is about the most prominent participants of the national movement who have made a worthy contribution to the Crimean Tatars’ struggle for return to their homeland.

- Just look at this multi-volume he published on veterans of the Crimean Tatar national movement. This work is equal to research papers. This man, having no ready funds, systematically collected information, thought through measures to complement the information in these books in the best way. As a result of a few years of work, he managed to gather extensive information on the Crimean Tatar people who participated in the struggle. And had not he done it, a huge reservoir of our history would have been lost forever, concluded the chief editor with "Voice of Crimea".

An exhibition devoted to Idris Asanin’s life and work was also launched at the event. It displayed photographs from the writer’s personal archive, his works, documents, newspaper clippings.

Reference. Idris Asanin was born in 1927 in the village of Sala Foti (Golubinka), Bakhchisaray district. In 1944 his family was deported to Samarkand region, Uzbekistan. In 1950, in the third year of the historical faculty at the Pedagogical Institute Asanin was arrested and sentenced to 25 years for poetry describing the situation and feelings of the people expelled from their native land. After Stalin's death his case was reviewed and jail term reduced to 10 years. In 1956, Idris Asanin was released.

When Asanin returned from the camp, he continued his studies at the Institute and graduated in 1961. After that he worked in building organizations in Samarkand. Then he entered the correspondence department of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute and in 1971 received a diploma in civil engineering.

In 1997, a collection of poems by Idris Asanin "A Handful of Soil" was published to mark the 50th anniversary of his creativity.

Member and one of the leaders of the national movement, the poet Idris Asanin is the author of the three-volume "At the forefront of the struggle for justice". Idris Asanin made great efforts to preserve the historical monuments of the Crimean Tatars’ national culture, created and ran the company "Shrine". He passed away on August 6, 2007 after a long illness.