Today, May 6, the Crimean Tatars celebrate the national holiday of the Hıdırellez, dedicated to the end of the spring field works.

This holiday symbolizes fertility and prosperity, it is celebrated every year in the first week of May with mass festivities. Traditionally celebration starts when the first ear appears in the cereal fields.

The name of the holiday Hıdırellez includes two names of Muslim saints - Hizir and Ilyas: Hizir or al-Khidr was a preacher, he supports the Muslims' faith in Allah, helps those sinking in the sea, helps to put out fires, protects against thefts, and also, according to beliefs, protects from evil spirits; Saint Ilyas was a preacher and one of the prophets to whom Allah granted power over the thunder. He protects sources, protects cattle, protects people on the water (therefore, the South-Tatar people had a custom to take out boats to the sea on this day).

According to the legend, the saints Ilyas and Hizir travelled all over the world, helping people, but Hizir starts going round the land on the right, that is, from the east, and Ilyas is on the left, from the west, and they meet at that point in the land of Muslims.

In Crimea this day is the Friday of the first week of the month kuralai (May).

The custom of wearing green clothes on this day was due to the fact that in Muslim mythology Khidir is represented wearing a green or white cloak with a pattern of spring flowers, with a cap on his head, wrapped in a green scarf.

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