The situation shows that Crimean Tatars became the main contingent of a mobilization wave that swept Crimea a few weeks ago.

According to Crimean Tatars, they receive draft notices, which require showing up at the military recruitment offices.

The induction notices, citing 53-FZ "On Military Duty and Military Service,” are sent even those who are beyond conscription age.

- I have been sent a draft notice from Belogorsk area, said a 35 years old Crimean Tatar who has three children.

He says he saw the list of inductees on A4 paper, all the names - Crimean Tatars.

February 8, Russia’s Defense Ministry initiated military drills of the Southern Military District and placed the military units in Crimea in operational readiness.

Crimean Tatars have been receiving draft notices since February, 9. They are allegedly sent to a three-month training courses as part of general mobilization.