It has become a tradition for the Crimean people to compare the quality of goods and services and their prices on the peninsula before and after the occupation. One of the “VKontakte" users made a post criticizing the Russian products.

Commenting on the post, many Crimeans recall the Ukrainian products with nostalgia.

The products are really worse - it's a fact. And no matte it is cheap or expensive. If under Ukraine you take the expensive cheese, so it is delicious, and now it doesn’t matter –it may cost 400 rubles or 1000 – no differnce, wrote Ekaterina Krasheninnikov.

Twitter users RoksolanaToday & Crimea shared a photo of a hotdog that apparently has been for a long time sold in “Furshet” store in the city of Evpatoria.

Hot Dog “Dorblu”, yummy, reads a caption.

A Moscow resident Petr Shkumatov also compared the Crimean and Turkish resorts and wrote about high prices, minimum of facilities and poor attitude to guests in the Crimea.

As QHA reported earlier, over the first half of 2016 prices for basic types of products have increased by 40% in the occupied Crimea.

PHOTO: VKontakte, Twitter, online