In the occupied Crimea, the comedy about Putin, resting on the peninsula, did not arouse the interest of the audience.

According to the directors of the two cinemas, who agreed to show the film, the first screenings did not bring them profit.

"No one came to the morning showing, the halls are empty. At the last showing today - two bookings, on Saturday - 10,” cashier of one of the cinemas tells about the "popularity" of the Russian comedy.

Only twenty people came to the comedy show in the central cinema of the occupied capital "Spartak."

“We have one showing a day, at 16.45. Yet there are 20 bookings. It's not clear yet, whether Simferopol residents like the comedy or not”.

The movie tells about adventures of Putin, who having changed his appearance, went on vacation to the occupied Crimea, where he was mistaken for a local resident, who got about forty loans and hides from collectors. Film critics award the film from 5 to 8 points out of 10.

Source: Kriminform