In the Russian-occupied Crimea labour shortages are reported. A corresponding statement was made by the "Deputy Head of the Employment Center" Angelika Burets, according to the Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

“The imbalance of supply and demand is a fundamental concept for the Crimea, it remains, despite the fact that the situation is unique: The Crimea has turned into a labor-insufficient region, we lack supply of labor, and have more demand for labor. To date, we have about two thousand employers with currently opened positions for 14.5 jobs."

Burets confirmed that the number of applicants in the Crimea at the moment is half that of employers: There are two vacancies for one applicant. In the "Employment Center" this situation is called "economic development of the region".

Specialists are lacking in the big cities like Simferopol, Yevpatoria, Kerch and Yalta. They are medical and pedagogical workers, as well as narrow qualification engineers.

According to some reports, the average salary in the annexed Crimea is about $ 270, and prices after the Russian occupation have risen from 10% to 90%, except for gasoline. On the contrary, until 2014 the average salary of Crimeans was about $ 500.
Earlier, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko told how the state intends to return the occupied Crimea.

PHOTO: Internet