The occupation authorities scheduled reviewing of the appeal in the case against the Crimean journalist Mykola Semena.

The hearing will be held on December 18 at 13:00. The appeal will be considered by the "Supreme Court" of the Crimea, journalist Olena Savchuk informed QHA.

Earlier, Zheleznodorozhny "district court" of Simferopol has sentenced Mykola Semena to a two and a half years’ suspended prison term, having found him guilty in appeals for separatism. Moreover, the authorities banned the 67-year-old reporter from engaging in public activities for three years.

The journalist did not admit his guilt.

“I am accused of making appeals in my article that violate the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, with which neither I nor my defense agree. Crimea's status is controversial, it is discussed on a global scale,” Semena said.

Mykola Semena, convicted for his professional activity in the occupied Crimea, intends to go to the mainland of Ukraine for treatment.

Earlier it was reported that journalists who do not support Russian propaganda are still subjected to pressure in the occupied Crimea.