On the first day of the ceasefire in Syria (as of September, 12) the Syrian Monitoring Centre for Human Rights (SOHR) shared with the public the sad statistics on human losses during the armed conflict.

Over the last month the death toll has reached 9000 people. From the beginning of the civil war in 2011 and till today the death toll has reached 301,781 people, including 85,000 civilians with 15 thousand of them being children. The Assad regime lost 59 thousand military and 48 thousand militants from other countries that sided with Bashar al-Assad (Iraq, Iran, Lebanon).

The ISIL terrorist organization and former "Al-Nusra Front," in turn, have lost more than 52 thousand terrorists. The other parties to the conflict suffered approximately the same number of casualties. More than 3 thousand people simply cannot be identified.

The ceasefire in Syria has started on the first day of the holy Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha following the US-Russia talks.

Photo: Internet