(QHA) -

Events commemorating victims of deportation of 1944, initiated by Crimean Tatar community in Moscow together with Committee against Xenophobia, will take place May 18 in Moscow.

“On this day we want to commemorate not only Crimean Tatars but all the nations suffered persecution and repressions”- the organizers say.

Commemorating events include a prayer for victims of the deportation and the rally.

The same events will take place in western city of Lviv.

According to member of Crimean Tatar community of Lviv, Alim Aliev, requiem- action ‘light the fire in your heart’ will be held May 17.

“This action already became an international. It will take place in the center of Lviv, at Shevchenko memorial. We expect 500 Crimean Tatars to attend the event”- he said.

Meanwhile, Crimean authorities banned all the mass demonstration till June 6, including annual May 18 mourning rally.