The Crimean Tatar, deported from home,  Nedim Khalilov, who ended a 45-day hunger strike, received an anonymous food assistance, activist  Zevid Haziyev informs on the  "Medical experiment" group page.

“Yesterday, two women brought a professionally gathered package. It contained carefully provided medicines, fruits, bananas, tomatoes, tangerines, fresh herbs, long-term storage products and products prepared for consumption immediately. Also: napkins, glasses and kerchiefs. Here we have to note the role of simple, non public Crimean Tatars who have established contacts to assist Khalilov since the first day of his hunger strike. They acted from the heart, not for self-promotion. For example, the human rights organization "Arkadash", "Council of Elders of the Crimea and Sevastopol," reads the  statement.

Earlier QHA reported ,that January 5, due to critical depletion as a result of the 45-day refusal of food, the Crimean Tatar Nedim Khalilov, deported from the peninsula by the occupiers, decided to stop the hunger strike. December 29, he was transferred by Russian law enforcement officers from the village Vardane to the Gulkevichy prison camp in the Rostov region.

Photo: Internet