Mikheil Saakashvili, leader of faction "Rukh novyh syl” (Movement of New Forces) was detained on the roof of the house, where he climbed, trying to escape from the Security ServiSBU. Saakashvili, from the roof of the building stated that the current authorities intend to kidnap him.

“I want to urge everyone to get involved and not allow lawlessness. Do not let Poroshenko kidnap me by Putin's orders and extradite me. I am here to defense Ukraine. They want to kidnap me, because I stood up for the protection of the Ukrainian people”.

A spontaneous rally took place on the spot. QHA correspondent provided stream from the scene.



Activists, supporters of the ex-President of Georgia blocked all exits from the building and started erecting barricades. People chanted "Kyiv - get up".

One of the activists was detained by the SBU.

Law enforcers informed Saakashvili about suspicion of committing crimes.

“In the framework of criminal proceedings opened under Part 1 of Art. 256 (assistance to participants of criminal organizations and concealment of their criminal activity) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, Saakashvili was detained at his place of residence in Kyiv,” the press office of the SBU informed.

Interrogation of the leader of “Rukh Novyh Syl” is being planned at the moment.

Aktivists blocked the car with detained Saakashvili.

Earlier, the special forces knocked the door in Saakashvili's apartment and began to conduct a search. Because of the "investigative actions", traffic is blocked along the street. SBU officers prevented lawyer and MPs Viktor Chumak and Yuri Derevyanko from seeing Saakashvili.