In the occupied Crimea on the territory of the Yalta "Massandra" branch in Livadia, developers destroy the vineyards of the winery, the current head of Massandra Yanina Pavlenko reported. 

She stated that despite the adopted moratorium on the alienation of lands, houses are being built around the vineyards and landscaping around them is being carried out. Thus, builders and land owners destroy vineyards, thereby damaging the enterprise. 

Pavlenko went on saying that the "neighbors" of the vineyards represent a natural disaster.

QHA reported that at least 80 hectares of vineyards of one of the Crimea's largest wineries "Massandra" suffered from a mudflow. The area with productive plantings of varieties chardonnay, kokur, chausch magarachsky, muscat amber became most affected. 

Source: Crimean News