The Head of the National Police in Donetsk region said that the security forces identified and detained suspects in 107 cases out of 125 homicides carried out in 2016. According to Abroskin, in order to avoid punishment the criminals flee to the territory of Russia or the occupied Crimea.

There is a trend: having committed an offense the attackers try to get lost in the Crimea or the Russian Federation. [...] The criminals, resients of Donetsk region, commit crimes on our territory and seek safety in Russia. For our criminals Russian Federation is a sort of "Criminal offshore", where you can escape from punishment and be sure that you will not given to the Ukrainian justice. But this is up to certain time, Head of the Donetsk police reported on Facebook.

Abroskin said that there were cases when the suspects were detained at the checkpoints when trying to leave for Moscow.

Photo: Internet