Not many guests were invited to the wedding of the famous Crimean Tatar singer Susana Jamaladinova and Seit-Bekir Suleymanov which was celebrated in Kyiv.

In the open air ceremony the newlyweds spoke their wedding vows.

In his vow, Seit-Bekir promised to always be a support for the singer in her work and life.

“Life consists not only of interesting and important moments. Life is everyday routines as well. This is how we wake up, how we go to work, how we sit in the evening to watch a movie, how we drink coffee ... I promise that the meaning that you put into your song "All These Simple Things" will be in your every day, and that each breakfast will be better than the previous one.”

Jamala expressed her vow in the song "Ljubiti"(“To love”), after which the couple exchanged rings.

The newlyweds promised their parents to preserve and cultivate the values in which they were raised in their family as well.

Then the guests began to congratulate the newlyweds. The photos published by Gulnara Bekirova feature the leader of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev among the guests of the wedding.

Mustafa-aga was not bored - he was also amused by a cute fluffy.

PHOTO: Jamala, Gulnara Bekirova