Crimean Tatar prisoner of the Kremlin involved in the "Yalta case" Emir-Usein Kuku went on a hunger strike, the human rights organization Crimean Solidarity reports.

The wife of the Crimean Tatar, Meriem Kuku, reported on her Facebook, that her husband's decision to start a hunger strike was a surprise for her. Meriem Kuku characterized her husband as a very patient person.

"But this prejudiced and unlawful persecution and accusation of terrorism pushed him to take this step. This is a protest against trumped-up cases against him and other unjustly arrested political prisoners! I know he's strong! I ask the Almighty Allah to strengthen him even more!” the spouse of the Crimean Tatar wrote.

Meriem Kuku further noted that the guilty do not go on hunger strikes.

Before the arrest, Emir-Usein Kuku was actively engaged in human rights activities, he provided legal assistance to the population and reported cases of politically motivated enforced disappearances in the Crimea. He was detained on February 11, 2016 during mass searches and detentions in the Crimea.

In July 2016, he was placed in a special unit of the detention centre as "a dangerous prisoner". Later, he was accused of plotting a "forcible seizure of power." In December 2017 the Crimean Tatar was transported from the Crimea to Rostov-on-Don, RF. First he was placed in detention centre-1, then transferred to detention centre-4, where he is kept until today.

Emir-Usein was arrested on suspicion of participating in the activities of Hizb ut-Tahrir (an Islamic party that functions legally in Ukraine and Europe, as well as in most countries of the world, but is considered banned in Russia).

Earlier QHA wrote that the international human rights organization Amnesty International had published a letter from Emir-Usein Kuku from a Russian prison where he was illegally detained.

Kuku reported that he was being held in custody and tried on a false charge of terrorist activities and plotting the forcible seizure of power in the Crimea and the Russian Federation.