At least 27 countries held the action «Stop Putin's War In Ukraine 2.0» on the Ukrainian Defender’s Day October 14.
One of the first cities where the action took place was Rome, where the Ukrainians started the protest action the day before, according to VIDIA.
The basic requirements of the protesters were the withdrawal of Russian military from the Ukrainian territory as well as all the Russian weapons and military equipment. Ukrainians also called for the strengthening of the OSCE observation mission up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and providing the access to the Russian-Ukrainian border.
The protesters come out for the liberation of the citizens of Ukraine who were illegally detained on political grounds on the territory of Russia, and in the annexed Crimea.

Ukrainians in Germany and Austria called on immediate termination of the occupation regime in the Crimea, and release the UKRINFORM correspondent in Paris Roman Sushchenko illegally seized in Moscow.

Activists In Warsaw came to the rally with the Ukrainian, Polish and Crimean Tatar flags as well as banners on the theme of Putin's aggression. They chanted the slogan "Russian weapons - to Russia."
Photo: Internet