The British edition of the Daily Mail published a map showing the terror attacks committed in Europe for the period 2014-2016. For example, some 443 people have become victims of 18 terrorist attacks in Europe over the past two years.

According to the publication, most people (155) died in terror attacks in the French capital Paris over the past two years. The Turkish capital of Ankara turned out to be the second - 102 victims, and Nice in France - the third (84 dead).

France became one of the main victims of terrorism in recent years. Besides Paris and Nice, the other cities Manyanvil (2 dead), Rouen (1 dead) and Lyon (1 dead) suffered terrorist attacks.

In Turkey, the attacks were also carried out in Istanbul (42 dead) and Diyarbakir (4 dead). In addition, 39 people have been killed in terror attacks in Brussels within the two years, and 9 people – in recent attacks on the Trade Center in Munich, Germany. Moreover, there were also terrorist attacks in Bosnian Sarajevo (2 dead) and Zvornik (1 dead), as well as in Danish Copenhagen (2 dead). 

Photo: Internet