Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kyrylenko promised that Ukraine will have determined the city to host the next year’s Eurovision Song Contest by September. He said this on air of 5 TV Channel.

“The situation is not critical; the city will have been determined by September. The reason is that it is important not to make a mistake, because all of the cities offer their vision and prospects. That’s ok if we delay the decision-making for a few days, but it will be the best from all points of view. After all - it's the cost of state and local budgets. Odesa, Kyiv and Dnipro is equally worthy to host the Eurovision,” Vyacheslav Kyrylenko said.

According to him, Kyiv has the greatest chance to host the 2017 Eurovision.

Yesterday, 25 August, the briefing to declare the city-winner of the contest for the right to host the 2017 Eurovision was postponed.

The Cabinet of Ministers has allocated UAH 450 million from the reserve fund to the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting on holding the international song contest.

Ukrainian singer Jamala of the Crimean Tatar descent took first place at the 2016 Eurovision, so the contest will be held in Ukraine.

Photo: Internet