Personnel agency HeadHunter (HH) analyzed the Crimean labor market in the second quarter of 2017. Sellers appeared to be the most demanded on the eve of the holiday season.
So, vacancies in the sphere of sales accounted for a quarter of all job proposals in the Crimea. On the second place on demand are workers of tourist sphere, restaurants and hotels (7%), on the third - experts in sphere of construction and real estate (6%). Employers also looked for IT professionals, marketers and advertisers (6%).
At the same time 17% of Crimeans are ready to work in the sphere of sales, 10% of applicants are IT specialists and the number of those who want to be top managers is the same. Another 10% of job seekers were looking for a job in the sphere of construction and real estate, and 8% in the production sector. Those wishing to work in the tourist sphere, restaurants and hotels turned out to be only 5%.
The source reports that in the second quarter of 2017 in the Crimea one job position is accounted for four CVs. The surplus of specialists was observed among top managers (13.2 CVs for one vacancy) and among civil servants (7.4 CVs).
At the same time, there is a shortage of medical personnel, marketers, workers in the tourism sector, sales, construction and real estate professionals - there were fewer than two CVs per vacancy in these professions.
According to the HH agency, the average salary offered in the second quarter in the Crimea amounted to 30 thousand rubles (13,177.8 hryvnia at the rate of the NBU on July 5, 2017), and the desired salary, which the applicants indicated in the CVs is 40 thousand rubles ( 17 570.4 hryvnia).
Employers offer the highest salary to specialists in sphere of construction and real estate (50,000 rubles, or 21,963 hryvnia), IT specialists (40,000 rubles - 17,570.4 hryvnia) and sales workers (37,500 rubles - 16,472.25 hryvnia).

In early June in the Crimea,  another branch of the children's hospital was closed due to the massive resigning of doctors, dissatisfied with the payment of their labor.
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