This year, the heating season in the occupied Crimea will have the same problems as in the past, with power outages and cold radiators, the director of special programs of STC "Psyche", Professor NAPA by the President of Ukraine Gennady Ryabtsev told the press conference "The unheating season in Crimea 2016-2017".

He explains that State Unitary Enterprise "Chernomorneftegaz" announced the reduction in gas production.

“Its capacities and capabilities used to provide the Crimean peninsula with its own gas, but now it is no longer possible. And the Crimean "authorities" are forced to address the Russian "Gazprom" to provide the consumers with this type of fuel during the heating season,” Ryabtsev says.

The expert went on saying that the lack of gas in the peninsula will amount 200 million cubic meters against the background of the total consumption of 1.9 billion cubic meters.

According to Ryabtsev, the situation with power supply is not better, despite the fact that Russia has paved the Crimea energy bridge.

“The problem of Energy bridge is that the power is mainly supplied from Rostov NPP. According to official data of the RF Ministry of Energy, the increase in energy production in the Southern Federal District will not exceed 3%, while the consumption has increased by at least 14%. Therefore, if Crimea requires additional power, it will come by residual principle. So, if we look at the real power volumes that can be engaged during the heating season, we will see that the rolling blackouts in the Crimea are inevitable. The leadership of "Krymenergo" confirmed this information and developed the schedule to cut off all consumers, which they consider non-priority,” he said.

In general, according to Gennady Ryabtsev, the problem in Crimea during the heating season will be the same as last year: power outage, low temperature of the heating networks and lack of gas to meet the needs of consumers.