It has been almost three years since the beginning of the war in the Donbas. Today, migrants claim that their rights have not yet been implemented.

The expert of a public organization "Will to live" Larisa Zalivnaya as migrant from Luhansk can argue that today IDPs are a problem to the state. However, the IDPs themselves tend to be useful to their hosting communities.

“We have become displaced persons through no fault of our own. We're trying to become a resource of a problem for the hosting community.

People go through several stages of migration. First is the escape. Here we were helped by both the authorities and the volunteers, coordinating headquarters arose. But this phase did not last long. Then we thought it would be for two or three months, and the people who accepted us, thought the same, but we have been here for already three years ... “Larisa Zalivnaya says, according to QHA correspondent.

She explains that the second stage of the migration is adaptation and integration.

“We have abandoned our permanent home and can not return or sell it, and the state does not solve this most important issue for us right now. And it is followed by the issue of social protection,” the expert says.

Larisa Zalivnaya believes that the state must guarantee the rights of internally displaced persons, based on their special needs. These are housing, financial support, employment assistance and the right to be members of the Public Council.