Investigators still cannot identify initiators of the latest global cyber attack, but the strategy of the attackers indicates that money was not the main motive, the source reported, referring to the Chairman of the UN Global Program on Cybercrime, Neil Walsh.

“The ransomware software was very advanced and more sophisticated than the software used in the previous WannaCry attacks ", the expert noted.

He believes that the initiators of the recent attack are “little skill when it came to collecting ransom from victims in exchange for unlocking their computers.” It made possible for the e-mail provider to shut down their account on June 28 and cut off the ransom payments.

"This could be anything from one kid sitting in his basement...to a nation state," Walsh noted.

Earlier, on June 27, large Ukrainian companies, including Kyivenergo, Oschadbank, Nova Poshta and Ukrtelecom, as well as banks and the media experienced a massive malware attack. Hundreds of institutions throughout Ukraine became victims of scammers.

Later, the virus spread throughout the world, affecting companies in United States, Great Britain, India, the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark and other countries.

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