Eminent human rights activists Emil Kurbedinov and Edem Semedlyaev will defend the Crimean Muslim, Muslim Boradin, who was abducted by unknown people in the village of Lenino on the night of July 10.

Lawyers are sure that such abductions and attempts to persuade people to work for the FSB in the Crimea are numerous, but the majority of people are afraid to speak about it.

“Peter (Muslim), who had been kidnapped, threatened with murder and inclined to cooperation, requested our legal assistance. He filed an application on a crime with the FSB and an investigation committee.

Recently, a similar case occurred with Emil Mukhteremov.

Most likely, the number of such cases, about which people are afraid to speak, is high in the Crimea,” Emil Kurbetinov said.

Earlier QHA reported that on the night of July 10 in the village of Lenino, unknown people kidnapped Muslim Boradin (according to updated QHA information - Peter S. Boradin, convert to Islam more than 15 years ago). He had been held in the middle of the field for three hours, threatened with gun and extorted cooperation.

Later Muslim and activists who came to help in his house, suggested that the abductors were FSB officers.

PHOTO: Facebook Edem Semedlyaeva