At another meeting of the occupying court on the "February 26" case, the witness for the second time changed his testimony to the opposite, a Crimean edition reported, citing the representative of defense Eden Semedlyaev.

Thus, in the preliminary investigation, a witness, who on the eve of a rally on February 26, 2014 outside the Supreme Council of the Crimea, joined the bandit formation of the Russian occupants accomplices "People's Militia" and participated in the rally siding with pro-Russian protesters, claimed that participants in the pro-Ukrainian rally allegedly started gas and threw heavy objects into the crowd during the clashes. Later, already at the court session, he changed his testimony, saying that the Crimean Tatars did not stage any provocative actions. However, on April 4, he again repeated the testimony he gave at the preliminary investigation, saying that his previous testimony in the process was untrue.

“After his testimony was read out, he changed his mind in the opposite direction. He started telling that he fully supports the testimony he gave at the preliminary investigation. According to him, the Crimean Tatars used gas and heavy objects were thrown from the same side. Answering the question of Mustafa Degermendzhi, about which of the statements was true, the witness replied that the testimony given at the preliminary investigation was true," the lawyer reported.

February 7, at a meeting on the so-called "February 26" case, the court could not interrogate two witnesses - police officers – due to their forgetfulness, although previously they gave detailed testimony.

Reference: Crimean Supreme Council arrested six Crimean Tatars on charges of mass riots during a rally on February 26, 2014. Three of them, Ahtem Chiygoz, Mustafa Degermendzhi and Ali Asanov, are in custody in Simferopol SIZO-1, the other three - Eskender Kantemirov, Arsen Yunusov and Eskender Emirvaliyev - are awaiting the verdict at home, being bailed.

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