Today, October 3, the Ukrainian political prisoner, journalist Roman Sushchenko, was not allowed to see his representative in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), Russian lawyer Mark Feygin, according to the lawyer’s statement on Twitter.

Feygin was not allowed to see Roman Sushchenko, despite the fact that he was the first in the line for a visit.

“So, I was just refused to see Roman Sushchenko, although I was the first in line, under the pretext that the sentence came into force, and I, being a defender, cannot now visit Sushchenko under article 49 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. It was for this reason that they deprived me of my status in order to begin to put pressure on Roman in prison.”

According to Feygin, he has the right to visit Sushchenko under art. 6, 34 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

“I am a representative of Sushchenko at the ECHR, and can visit him as a convicted person under art. 6, 34 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, art. 46, Part 1 of Art. 48, part 2 of art. 45, part 4 of art. 15, Part 1 of Art. 17 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, part 3 of Art. 47 Code of Criminal Procedure. I must be allowed.”

The defender said that he would resolve the issue regarding access to Sushchenko.

“In spite of everything, Roman Sushchenko has an independent lawyer, we will, one way or another, resolve the problem of my non-admission.”

Feygin further noted on his Facebook page that it was not known whether Sushchenko would be allowed to meet with his family on the eve of the transfer.

“In addition, as I was denied access to Roman Sushchenko in the Lefortovo detention center, the issue of his meeting with family still hangs. Only verbal agreement exists with the prison about it, no papers on the date and time. And on Monday, Roman Sushchenko can already be transferred.”

Earlier, Feygin said that the Ukrainian political prisoner Roman Sushchenko was ready to write an appeal for pardon to Russian President Vladimir Putin if Moscow and Kyiv agree on his exchange. He noted that pardon is a formality, which, perhaps, will help Sushchenko to return to Kyiv.

QHA reported that the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation upheld the verdict of the Moscow City Court regarding 12 years’ imprisonment for Roman Sushchenko. Feygin's appeal was rejected in full.