Former Ukrainian MP Yegor Firsov said the number of Ukrainian hostages, held captive by militants in the self-proclaimed "DPR".

“According to official statistics, 57 people are hostages in the so-called "DPR",” Firsov said during a panel discussion on the topic: "Three years of resistance to Russian occupation of Donbas" held in Kyiv.

He stressed that one of the hostages is historian-theologian Igor Kozlovsky known throughout Europe, who was arrested January 27, 2016 in Donetsk for the "wrong conversations" in the social network Facebook.

Yegor Firsov said that we should not just talk about the problem but try to solve it, in particular, by writing appeals to European leaders, who take part in the Minsk format, as well as to various international bodies defending human rights.

“Only in this case will have at least a chance to pull a few people out of captivity where they are rotting,” the former MP said.

Earlier, January 25, 2017 the Security Service of Ukraine released 18 people who, according to international human rights activists from Amnesty International, for a long time were held in a secret prison of SBU.