The mother of the Ukrainian political prisoner, Oleksandr Kolchenko, Larisa, is in the Russian colony of Kopeisk, Chelyabinsk region of the Russian Federation, where she has an extended visit to her son.

The visit began on Friday, July 27, and will end today, July 30.

According to Larisa Kolchenko, this is the first meeting with her son in nine months. The mother of a prisoner of the Kremlin brought her son some Yalta onions, lard, raisins, honey and other vitamins necessary for his health after a hunger strike.

Earlier, Larisa Kolchenko said her son was forced to take Russian citizenship. She noted that invaders blackmailed the political prisoner and threatened lives of his parents who remained in the occupied Crimea.

According to her, the occupiers expect that in the event Kolchenko takes Russian citizenship, Ukraine will not be able to influence his release.

Previously, in the beginning of June Larisa Kolchenko arrived in Crimea to visit Lyudmila Sentsova - mother of Oleg Sentsov illegally convicted in Russia.

They recorded a video message to President Petro Poroshenko asking to facilitate in the early release of political prisoners.