In the center of Kyiv an action against illegal presidential elections in Russia, which are taking place today, on March 18, in the annexed Crimea was held, the QHA correspondent reported.

Participants of the action lined formed up in a living chain, urging the world community not to recognize illegal elections in the Ukrainian Crimea.

On the metal structures that were installed on the Maidan during the last few days,  the installation "The Mirror of History", was placed dedicated to the crimes of the Russian authorities in the Crimea. The structures were placed near the stela on Maidan, they occupied part of the road, and also the place where the scene was usually placed.

It should be noted that the banners with the inscriptions "Alushta is Ukraine", "Feodosia is Ukraine", and "Thanks to the grandfather for the victory" were removed by the beginning of the flashmob.

Simultaneously with the action against the "elections" in Crimea on Maidan, a rally for the resignation of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is held as well, organized by the "Movement of the New Forces". Participants in this action began to disassemble the metal structures on the Maidan.