Several journalists from Sweden and France arrived in the occupied Crimea to cover illegal presidential elections in the Russian Federation on 18 March.

According to the information available, a journalist from an unnamed Swedish newspaper will work in the information center of the so-called Crimean election commission, and the correspondent of the agency AFP (Agence France-Presse), will write reports about elections in the Crimea.

However, the French correspondent did not specify whether he received permission from Ukraine to visit the peninsula.

According to Ukrainian legislation, to visit the occupied peninsula, foreign journalists must obtain permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Obtaining permission in the Ukrainian Ministry is complicated by a number of bureaucratic procedures, which, according to Ukrainian human rights activists, hinder the work of journalists and do not allow them to cover the problems of human rights violations in the occupied peninsula.

Reference: Many international organizations and politicians criticized the holding of presidential elections in Crimea. Nevertheless, according to the deputy head of the CEC of the Russian Federation, presidential elections will be held in the Crimea in "regular mode". The invaders appointed the date of the election on the day of the annexation of the Crimea - on March 18.

Earlier QHA reported that the organizers of elections in the Crimea should get under the sanctions, according to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin.

Source: Kriminform