(QHA) -

Foreign passports for Crimeans to be issued starting from September 2014, Deputy Head of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation Anatoly Fomenko announced Thursday in Simferopol.

“This is one the priority tasks. All those who wish to obtain foreign passports should not worry. They will be issued starting from September”- Fomenko said.

Crimean acting premier Sergey Aksyonov, in turn, emphasized that all Crimean citizens, except government servicemen, militants and lawyers, may use foreign passports given by Ukraine.

Earlier, Russia announced it would offer an express passport-processing service in Crimea to provide inhabitants with the document within an hour of applying.

It should be noted, passports issued in Crimea are available on the territory of Crimea and Russian Federation.

Russia annexed Crimean peninsula in March 2014, following Crimean referendum on regional status.