Nothing is known about the whereabouts of Ervin Ibragimov, a 31-year-old member of the Bakhchysarai regional Mejlis and member of the Coordination Council of the World Congress of Crimean Tatars for four months.

It was reported earlier that Ervin Ibragimov, 30, a member of the Coordination Council of the World Congress of Crimean Tatars, was kidnapped in Bakhchysarai at around 11 p.m. on May 24.

Later, a video was put on the Internet captured by a surveillance camera of one of the stores owned by a Crimean Tatar businessman in Bakhchysarai. The video record shows how a few unidentified persons, presumably in the uniform of the Russian traffic police, were forcibly putting Ervin Ibragimov in a minibus. 

It was reported earlier that Ervin Ibragimov’s relatives are ready to pay a large sum for his return home, in particular a reward of one million Russian rubles, according to Argumenty Nedeli - Crimea.

On June 2, a local resident found the documents (passport, driving license and work book) of the kidnapped Crimean Tatar Ervin Ibragimov outside Arpat bar in the city of Bakhchysarai. The finder immediately took the documents to the police station.

The video, published online June 3, shows a car with persons unknown wearing traffic police uniform driven out from the water storage in a few minutes before the appearance of Ervin Ibragimov's vehicle. Then they stopped his car, searched it and taken him to a Ford Transit van of white color. The young man tried to escape, but two persons forced him into a car and driven away in an unknown direction.

July 27, a rally in support of Ervin Ibragimov was held outside the Russian Embassy in Kyiv. The activists were holding a Crimean Tatar flags and signs reading "Where is Erwin?" in different languages to reach out to the world community.

Every day, people from throughout Crimea come the to house of the missing Ervin Ibragimov to support his parents. July 17, birthday of Ervin, a dua (prayer) was held near his house.

Later, the Kremlin-controlled Crimean prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya said that the abduction could have been a "provocation aimed at the rise of aggression and negative attitude on the law enforcement agencies of the republic, and creation excitement around the topic of human rights violations."

The so-called “Main Investigation Department of the Russian Investigative Committee in the Republic of Crimea” launched an investigation into the criminal case initiated under cl. “a, b,” Section 2, Art. 126 of the RF Criminal Code (kidnapping), but nothing is known about the whereabouts of Ervin Ibragimov up to now. 

The Commissioner of the Ukrainian President on the Crimean Tatar Affairs Mustafa Jemilev said that as of today, 22 people are considered missing in the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea, most of them - the Crimean Tatars. However, Poklonskaya announced 26 missing Crimean Tatars.

PHOTO: QHA. the Internet