The cases of illegal charging on free parking places were revealed in Simferopol, the press service of the City Administration reports Gennady Baharev, Head of the City Administration, as saying. 

According to him, he was asked via social network about illegal charging on Zhukovsky St. free car parking place. 

“It is completely free. Someone collects payments for it. They are swindlers, and we will suppress these facts,” claimed Gennady Baharev.

He also said that 16 paid municipal and private parking lots have been officially registered in Simferopol but it’s not enough for the time being. Because of increased amount of transport in the city, the authorities consider a number of proposals on construction of additional parking spaces, including multi-level parking lots, “however, this issue needs careful consideration.”

Just a reminder: 11 parking lots for 589 vehicles have been arranged in Simferopol since the beginning of this year.