FSB intends to expel the Christian community "Voice of Hope" from its premises where it has provided rehabilitation services to those addicted to alcohol and drugs for more than 10 years in the Crimean Bakhchisaray, the pastor of the church "Skiniya" Rustam Fatullayev informed local journalists.

“The community was engaged in good deeds until the occupation authorities constructed some FSB building in front of the community,” the pastor said.

He noted that following the regular harassment and examinations of the community, the local services issued a ban on the building operation several days ago. The situation has been aggravating since the beginning of the Russian annexation of the Crimea.

Pastor said that active supporting of Crimean Tatars and peaceful demonstrations against the occupations could serve the reason for such a persecution of Christian rehabilitation center.

“The community did not post Ukrainian flags, but it was at the side of truth. And for that it was punished,” the pastor said.

He went on saying that as of now none of the so-called Bakhchisarai officials has not made any advances and even has not expressed the desire to meet the center defenders.

Previously, the self-proclaimed Bakhchisarai officials stated their intention to demolish several old buildings in Bakhchisarai, due to "their state of disrepair." This decision resulted in outrage among the local residents, since these buildings are not only historical value, but also, according to local architects and historians, are included in the protected zone of the Khan's Palace.
Photo: Internet