The employees of the RF Federal Security Service (FSB) come to the inhabitants of Crimea, who applied for a biometric passport in Kherson, Crimean blogger Ali Tatar-zade reported on Facebook.

According to him, a person from passport office in Kherson regularly informs the occupation authorities about the Crimeans who apply for a biometric passport.

“Their speed "amazes”. When people come back an FSB employee is already waiting for them. Signals come from different places”.

The blogger assumes that such "employees" became more active after the introduction of visa-free travelling in Ukraine.

Ruslan Lukyanchuk confirmed the information of the blogger in the comments to the publication.

“Hayder. I'm ready to confirm. My relatives in Dzhankoy district also went to Kherson for Ukrainian passport. It was the same story. When they returned, local FSB employees were already waiting for them. And it was not completed there; they were later summoned to city FSB office in Simferopol”.

Earlier it bacame known that the idea of President Petro Poroshenko about the use of old type foreign passports by residents of the Ukrainian territories temporarily occupied by Russia was not supported in the European Union.

PHOTO: Internet