Staff of the Russian Federal Security Service recruit locals in the Donbas posing as "border guards" and confiscating passports for "illegal border crossing". The local residents are given documents back only after the agreement on cooperation, the  "Information Resistance" group coordinator, MP Dmitry Tymchuk informed on his Facebook page.
“In particular, members of the Russian intelligence services under the cover of the Russian border guards (Border Service of the Russian Federation is a member of the RF FSB) intensively recruiting personnel in the border area. The recruitment is conducted among the general population, regardless of the type of activity. The usual scheme is detention for  "smuggling" or "illegal border crossing", withholding the citizens’ documents, which facilitates the recruitment,” the MP said.
January 3, Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukrainian confirmed the information that the Russian military are now forbidden to wear uniforms in the occupied areas of Donbas due to the fears of lynching by the locals. The residents of the occupied territories may resort to such measures because the Russian occupants show groundless aggression against the population, indiscriminately use weapons and thus injure civilians.
Photo: Internet