The Kremlin-controlled Supreme Court of the occupied Crimea held a meeting on the case of the Crimean Tatar journalist Nariman Memedeminov, lawyer Emil Kurbedinov reported.

The lawyer noted that when filling in the interrogation protocols, the “investigator” did not indicate data on the Ukrainian citizenship of the Crimean Tatar. In this regard, the lawyer filed a complaint with the "Supreme Court" arguing that such actions are illegal and called to remedy the violation. However, the "court" rejected the complaint.

“We filed a complaint with the Supreme Court, which left this lawlessness unchanged, did not satisfy our appeal, and upheld the decision of the court. It turns out that the FSB refuses to indicate that Nariman Memedeminov is a citizen of Ukraine. Might as well try and not indicate the name of Nariman, or the year of birth and everything else. He has two citizenships, but only Russian is indicated. This is a violation of the vast range of norms of international law, criminal procedure code. The investigator does not have choice – weather to indicate Nariman’s Ukrainian citizenship or not, it must be reflected,” he emphasized.

Kurbelinov went on saying that the defense of the Crimean Tatar activist will continue to appeal the decision of the so-called "court".

Reportedly, the "court" in Crimea held a meeting on Nariman Memedeminov's case on May 22, and left him under arrest until August 15. The journalist participated in the meeting via video-session.

Previously, the court in the Crimea controlled by the occupiers extended the term of arrest of Nariman Memedeminov until August 15 of this year.

The lawyer of the Crimean Tartar, Edem Semedlyaev, said that Memedeminov was sent for a psychiatric examination.

He noted that for this category of cases, psychiatric examination is not needed, but practice shows that in all politically motivated cases occupiers carry out this humiliating procedure with respect to the Crimean Tatars.

Reference:  the Crimean Tatar civil journalist Nariman Memedeminov is suspected of "public appeals for the implementation of terrorist activities".

Source: CrimeaSOS