Photos of unauthorized dumps from different parts of the occupied Crimea appeared on the Internet.

A Twitter user RoksolanaToday & Crimea tells in her account on the problem of garbage on the annexed peninsula.

In the vicinity of the village of Molochne (Saki district) a dump was organized just next to the road. From the photo it is clear that the rubbish lies not far from the residential houses.

A similar situation is observed in the village of Skaliste (Bakhchysarai district), where the municipal services do not collect the waste on the appointed day.

“The whole week we were passing by, observing it, breathing these garbage dumps, in the hope that on Tuesday it will be removed. But the miracle did not happen in the officially announced Tuesday,” RoksolanaToday & Crimea quotes the words of local residents.

In the capital of the occupied Crimea garbage is not removed even in the city center. The photo shows that heaps of waste are lying in Gagarinsky Park near the Salgir River.

Despite the fact that the holiday season in the annexed Crimea should begin in the coming months, the communal stuff in the resort Alupka ignore the problem with garbage and leave it to lie right in the parks.

Earlier QHA reported that a landfill in Sevastopol was burning for three days.