The Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman congratulated the Ukrainian people on the Day of Dignity and Freedom. He expressed gratitude to each hero who is fighting for the independence of Ukraine, according to the official’s Facebook page.

“Happy Dignity and Freedom Day, Ukrainians!

Together, we have shown that we are united in striving to be independent and to live in a democratic country! We remember and thank each of our heroes who fought and are fighting for Ukraine!
Glory to the heroes!” Vladimir Groisman wrote.

The National Police states that on the Day of Dignity and Freedom almost 15 thousand of police officers and 3 thousand of the National Guard officers will be engaged to maintain the public order. 380 events are to be held in all regions of Ukraine, a minimum of 66 thousand people are expected to attend them. The events in Kyiv are expected to be attended by 11 thousand people.