In an interview with the Anadolu Agency, Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman thanked the Turkish government for the assistance to the temporarily displaced persons.

“You know that Ukraine and Ukrainians have suffered from the annexation of the Crimea, as well as from partial occupation and a military invasion of an independent state. Of course, this is a big challenge for us. Today we are working on various programs that enable people to adapt, including the Crimean Tatars. Of course, it is worth emphasizing the help and support that Turkey has provided. The return of Crimea is very important for us.”

According to Vladimir Groysman, one must understand that the problem of temporarily displaced persons is long-term.

"We understand that it takes time, and the suffering of temporarily displaced people should be minimized. They can not return to their homes because of the invaders. There are programs of social support, employment, housing solutions, and only with a long-term approach it will be possible to solve this problem definitively," Groysman said.

March 14-15, Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman will pay a working visit to Turkey.

Source: AA