The occupiers in the annexed Crimea will replace the "tatarka" ancient handmade tiles on the roof of the Khan Palace in Bakhchysarai with a stylized fake, which is produced in factories in Spain. The ex-head of the Republican Committee of the ARC on interethnic relations and deported citizens, the delegate of the Qurultay of the Crimean Tatar people Edem Dudakov expressed his indignation on the matter on his Facebook page.

“A palette of thousands of shades, handmade - tartarka tile, sacrificed to this dull monotony (tiles from Spain). Just because it is easier to put, because there are no specialists in the "Tatarka", because it is easier to cut the loot, because the main thing for the organizers of this vandalism is the process itself and high-hat, but not the result," he wrote.

Thus, the occupiers are destroying an element of the cultural heritage of the Crimean Tatar people.

QHA reported that the occupiers are destroying a unique painting of the XVIII century in the Khan Palace. Researchers "date this painting-calligraphy approximately 1747-1764 years". It was cleared by Kyiv restorers with special compounds in 2002.

Earlier, in Kyiv a performance action was held against the destruction of the Bakhchysarai Palace. Tamila Tasheva, co-founder of the CrimeaSOS public organization, said that in the occupied Crimea, apart from the Khan Palace, other monuments of architecture and religious buildings are under threat of destruction, in particular the mosque and the Karaite Kenesa in Yevpatoria.