The Turkic national holiday of Hıdırlez symbolizes the arrival of the summer and the hope for a rich harvest. Its name derives from the names of two Muslim saints Khidir and Ilyas.

Modern Hıdırlez differs little from the old-time celebration, but does not lose its relevance. All Crimeans were invited to the holiday, regardless of nationality. The food was prepared in abundance to treat everyone.

Advisor to the Minister of Culture of Ukraine Esma Adzhieva noted that such events, attracting thousands of guests, help to unite people.

“Crimean Tatars join each other with cultural practices, they become closer to Ukraine. It is scientifically proven that culture unites people at all times, especially in difficult periods. Now people need a palette of feelings and emotions. With warmth and love we remember the Crimean Hıdırlez, and today we have brought here a small part of the Crimea," Adzhieva said.

Oriental beauties welcomed the spring with dances, and numerous chefs were in charge for the rich table.

The main dishes were Crimean chebureks and meat in a variety of variations. By lunchtime the whole meadow was filled with delicious flavor.

Chef Refat Bilyalov clearly remembers the traditions of the holiday: The main thing is the good mood and a table full of treats.

“Shish kebabs, pilaf ... People should be well-fed and cheerful. Music, food, dancing - what else do we need? A team of six people helps me to cook,” he said.

The musicians shared a good mood to the guests. Crimean Tatar ensembles and bands, including the punk rock band Shatur-Gudur, took part in the concert program. Among the performers were the Crimean Tatar choreographic ensemble "Elken" from Genichesk and the female dance ensemble "Badem". The dance Horan continued the overall fun.

For girls, the Hıdırlez is of particular importance since it is a kind of a bride-show. Folk dances in national costumes are an indispensable condition for the creation of a strong family.

Within the framework of the festival, a tournament on the Crimean Tatar national wrestling kuresh was held, as well as presentation of national pavilions, an exhibition of works of arts and crafts.