The defendant of the Yalta "Hizb ut-Tahrir case" Arsen Dzhepparov was put in a disciplinary cell for 25 days, CrimeaSOS reports.

According to the lawyer, Dzhepparov was sent to the punishment cell for allegedly not opening the cell door at the request of the remand facility administration.

“That cell is one of the smallest in the pre-trial detention facility. It is even impossible to move there. If one person stands up, another cannot pass. Therefore, the cell door did not open properly”.

It is known that Dzhepparov has been to the disciplinary cell for the fourth day already.

“He was treated when they put him in the hall. He had only socks and a T-shirt when he was put there. He was standing in a damp punishment cell all the night long”.

It is not the first time the political prisoner gets in the hole. He was put there for ten days in January because he did not shave his beard.

Arsen Dzhepparov's health deteriorated significantly during his stay in the remand facility. The prisoner had surgery last November. Lawyer Temishev repeatedly appealed to the remand facility officers with requests to provide medical assistance to his client. The administration of the prison ignored all his requests.

Reference: Arsen Dzhepparov is one of the Yalta "Hizb ut-Tahrir case" defendants. Together with Emir-Usein Kuku, Vadim Siruk, Refat Alimov and Muslim Aliyev, he was detained in April 2016. The court in closed mode extended the arrest for these five prisoners for two months last week.

Earlier, Political prisoner Andriy Kolomiets, who was convicted in the occupied Crimea for participating in the Revolution of Dignity and imprisoned in the Russian Federation, complained on deterioration in the health and asked for medical assistance.

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