February 9, on the outskirts of Simferopol, houses in the "Strelkovaya" residential district were dismantled, Russian media reported.

Allegedly, owners of houses voluntarily dismantle their buildings, and the cleaning of the territory is allegedly taking place by agreement with the owner of the land.

According to Russian media, in most cases, the "illegal objects", as they call them, are shell and core single- and two-story houses, and the demolition of each construction takes no more than an hour.

“We observe a voluntary dismantling of the illegal structure. This is the 12th house in this part of the city. In particular, on this plot of land within a radius of 50 meters this is already the third structure, which is being voluntarily dismantled by people,” said Valery Semenenko, the general director of the company Akura.

Owners of houses, according to the Kremlin-controlled media, allegedly receive material assistance from the developer.

Meanwhile, as reported by QHA, the Crimean Tatars from the "Strelkovaya" residential district announced an indefinite hunger strike, demanding a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Activists intend to starve until the head of the Kremlin meets with them. According to them, local collaboration authorities are not going to solve their housing problems.

Activists state that the invaders seek to demolish a residential district of "Strelkovaya", which appeared as a result of land squatting. In this territory, one of the companies of the group "Monolit" plans to build a new residential complex "Crimean Rose".