Lawyer Mammet Mambetov informs about the fact that in the morning of December 6 the house of Protest Glades activist Fazil Ibraimov is being searched. The lawyer also said that most likely Fazil Ibraimov is searched in Simferopol, at the address of 44, Abdul Tayfuk street.

Crimean Solidarity shared a video from the scene.


Reference: The participants of the Protest Glades demanded a solution to the issue of allocating land to the Crimean Tatars, who have defended their right to it for more than 10 years.

In Simferopol, a conflict develops between local authorities, developers and participants of the Strelkova Protest Glade. The new neighborhood "Crimean Rose" is intended to be build in the place where the self-made dwelling and mosque of the Crimean Tatars are now located. The protesters are trying to save their structures from being destroyed.

This is not the first search in the Crimean Tatar activist's house.

QHA reported that Fazil Ibraimov was detained by security forces in August, after which the Zheleznodorozhny District "court" of Simferopol arrested the activist for 5 days