This morning, the police in Moscow carried out a search in the home of the Russian human rights activist and journalist Zoya Svetova, the lawyer Anna Stavitskaya who is engaged in the legal protection of Svetova, informed on Facebook.

“Zoya says that at 11 a.m. somebody knocked on the door, as she asked who was this, she was told about the delivery of summoning and asked to sign it, when she opened the door, 10 people went in and announced the decision on the search. Zoe immediately called me. The search is still ongoing."

The lawyer said that her client was searched under the proceedings into "embezzlement of funds from the State and the "Apatit" Association", that Russian law enforcement agencies initiated in 2003. It is in this case, the top officials of Yukos Oil Company, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, in particular, were accused and subsequently sentenced to nine years in prison.

Zoya Svetova has repeatedly expressed support for Ukraine in countering the Russian aggression and condemned the detention of activists in the occupied Crimea. In particular, Lenin in one of her publications she called the Russian court prosecution against Oleg Sentsov in an attempt to blow up the monument a "mad Kafkaesque absurdity and injustice."

Photo: Internet