According to the CrimeanSOS human rights organization, during the period of Russia's occupation of Crimea, at least 46 people were the victims of abductions, 19 of them were released (March 2014), 17 have not yet been found and are considered missing, 6 were found dead, 3 were subsequently found in places of deprivation of liberty and convicted / charged under political articles, 1 person was extradited, according to activists Olga Kuryshko and Alexandra Dvoretskaya.

“These figures are reprinted in human rights reports, voiced in public speeches devoted to the occupation of the Crimea. And they are becoming shocking statistics. Many of us lose the understanding that tens and hundreds of facts of persecution by the occupation authorities against our citizens are the real tragedies of living people and their families,” they wrote.

Earlier, the Government of Canada insists on the need to release all Ukrainian prisoners of the Kremlin.