In Sevastopol, after the order on transporting beneficiaries free of charge, the number of vehicles decreased, which is why huge queues form for them.

Meanwhile, the trolleybuses run empty, since the pensioners began to prefer the minibuses.

People, residing in the Victory Avenue had to wait in a 500-meter queue for a bus to get to work.

“Victory Avenue, End of the 109 line, time 7:40! Waiting for a miracle every day! I have a question for the carrier - what time do I need to leave home to take the child to the garden and go to work to the other end of the city? Or the carrier thinks that each of us is obliged to buy a personal car,” locals write in social networks.

A large queue for the bus was also formed in the northern part of the city.

Some residents of the city associated the absence of minibuses with a storm raging on the peninsula, however, in the calm days, the people of Sevastopol also complain about the work of the transport.

Last weekend, a traffic collapse occurred in Balaklava. The bus arrived only after repeated calls to the dispatcher.

The driver explained the lack of transport by the shift change of the transport company workers.

Residents of Sevastopol say that in the evening one has to wait for transport for hours.
The beneficiaries in Sevastopol were granted free travel on 64 routes. The city "authorities" promised to pay compensation for the drivers of buses and minibuses for the beneficiaries (there are 26 categories of them in Sevastopol), within 50 days. Some drivers refused to take beneficiaries on the vehicles, closing the doors in front of the pensioners.
Source: Primechaniya