Kremlin-controlled Leninsky "court" of annexed Sevastopol closed administrative proceedings against activist and entrepreneur Volodymyr Novikov. Previously, he was fined for holding a rally on Nakhimov Square, Krym.Realii reported.

“To stop the proceedings in the absence of an administrative offense,” reads the decision of the "court".

In the "court" Novikov stated that the local "authorities" had planned this provocation in advance, in particular, "drafted a protocol, identified the offenses that he allegedly was to commit, picked up candidates for witnesses."

“A document that would confirm the right of the Department of Public Communications of Sevastopol to coordinate or ban rallies was not provided at any meeting,” he noted.

According to the activist, the Russian legislation does not define the procedure for coordinating the holding of public events.
In the beginning of December 2017, Volodymyr Novikov began a hunger strike on one of the squares of the city because of the demolition of small enterprise facilities, which he considered illegal. He demanded from the "government" of Sevastopol to provide compensatory sites to broke entrepreneurs. The “authorities” promised to do this, but the sites were not allocated.

Novikov was fined 10,000 rubles for holding a rally. The activist also spoke against unresolved problems in education and health.
The “Court of Appeal” of Sevastopol acquitted Novikov.

Source: Krym.Realii